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Mark developed his intrepid work ethic at a very young age having made his way through high school and college performing an array of odd jobs. That was until he landed a position with UPS in 1975. Mark would parlay that good fortune into a successful sales career spanning nearly four decades. At UPS, Mark would establish himself as one of the company's top sales executives and there he would hone a keen business acumen and garner a reputation as an indomitable leader.


A graduate of Syracuse University's prestigious Maxwell School, Mark developed a passion for politics and community service while earning his degree in Public Affairs. Like many of the graduates of the Maxwell School, Mark knew that he would venture into the political arena at some point hoping to give back to a community that had given him so much.

That time came soon after he entered retirement from UPS. Mark’s first foray into politics was a successful bid for a seat on Cicero’s Town Board where he quickly set out to do away with the atmosphere of business as usual and replace it with a new paradigm focused on providing good government as the business of the people. The enthusiasm for change that Mark brought to the town board and the need to resolve pressing financial issues for the town quickly translated into a second campaign for him, yet this time for Cicero Town Supervisor.


The Town of Cicero was struggling financially at the time, and the burden of mounting debt was crippling the town’s ability to fund its day to day operations. Through quick and decisive bipartisan action, Mark’s administration was able to promptly institute major changes that would enable the town to decrease its reliance on loans and build a healthy fund balance that would earn the Town of Cicero its first ever AA credit rating from Standard and Poor’s.

Economic development, employee safety standards, financial management, and infrastructure needs all saw major improvements and unprecedented growth under Mark’s tenure as Cicero Town Supervisor. Yet, for Mark and his unrelenting work ethic, there is always more to be done. Not only for the Town of Cicero, but for the rest of the towns that make up the 127th New York Assembly District and for the State of New York. As a Free Mason, a member of the NRA, a practicing Catholic, a hot rod enthusiast, a devoted husband to MaryEllen, a father and stepfather to four children and grandfather to 9 grandchildren, Mark feels he has a vested interest in applying his work ethic, leadership skills, knowledge and experience to solve the problems that effect our community.

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